Design. Build. Integrate. Support

We use technology and optimized processes to deliver projects with significantly higher quality, shorter time frames, and lower cost.

Project / Construction Management

Ehvert uses an optimized vertically integrated process to deliver design, engineering, construction management and facility operations services for technically complex facilities.

Virtual Design & Construction

Ehvert applies Building Information Modelling (BIM) to a manufacturing process to deliver projects with higher quality, at less cost, and with shorter timelines than traditionally possible.

Engineering & Automation

Ehvert offers fully integrated facility engineering services, energy modelling, building automation and control system programming.

Facility Management & Operation

As part of our full life-cycle services, Ehvert provides a wide range of facility management, preventative maintenance and facility operations services.


Digital Construction
EPC Approach to Critical Facilities
Downtown Helicopter Hoist
Mission-critical approach

Our Work

Our Process and Technology

Ehvert has developed a truly integrated process for facility design, construction, and operations to deliver high-quality facilities at less cost, less risk, and with shorter timelines than traditionally possible.  Ehvert uses a manufacturing process and manages the complete life cycle of a project. We reduce risk and cost using advanced engineering, modelling and simulation techniques, all leveraging cutting-edge technologies