Our Work

MTS Data Centre Facility


Client: MTS, OneCap Investments

Project Goals

To design, build and manage the construction of a new 6 MW Uptime Institute Tier III Design Certified Data Centre on a brownfield site in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The building is a 2 storey, 6 050 m2, purpose build facility, with enhanced design elements meant to provide enhanced levels of “fault tolerance”. Although not required to meet Tier IV certification, these additional enhancements are provided to address client preferences, as well as site specific environmental risks.


Three Challenges

  • Seasonal shortage of skilled labour.
  • Construction through an unseasonably cold Winnipeg winter (2014-2015).
  • Limited seasonal road access for heavy deliveries.

Despite these challenges the project achieved substantial completion in May 2015 and was turned over to the client in June 2015, as per the original project schedule and as specified in the prime contract.


Project Results

  • Ehvert managed the planning, permit, design and construction process from start to finish.
  • The procurement team negotiated, finalized and managed over 450 sub-contracts with over 250 unique vendors.
  • Construction included accelerated project schedule and multiple work shifts.
  • 5D BIM allowed for schedule tracking and awareness of when to use multiple daily labour shifts, being mindful of both the schedule gains and any labour cost premiums.