Our Work

Cogeco Peer 1 Barrie Data Center


Client: Cogeco Data Services Inc

Project Goals

Ehvert was selected to provide turn-key services to convert an existing industrial building into the office and computing facility for a new 10 MW Data Centre in Barrie, Ontario in four discrete phases.

After Ehvert’s successful completion of Phase 1 of Cogeco Peer 1’s flagship data centre in 2013, Ehvert was again engaged to manage, design and construct Phases 2 through 4. While expanding the facility during these phases, Phase 1 remained occupied and continued full operations with no disruptions due to the construction. The total capacity of the data centre is 6 MW of IT load.

In Phases 2 through 4, Ehvert designed and built 3 additional computer rooms with a combined IT load capacity of approximately 3.6MW. This work included the successful management, implementation and commissioning of all the associated architectural, electrical distribution, power generation, critical cooling, building automation, and security infrastructure. Ehvert also provided one year of operational support and maintenance.


Project Results

  • Phases 2-4 were completed while maintaining 24/7 power, cooling and operations within the live environment of Phase 1 with the shared facility, including a winter roof replacement for Phase 1.
  • Ehvert managed the planning, permit, design and construction process from start to finish.
  • The procurement team negotiated, finalized and managed over 350 sub-contracts with over 100 unique vendors.
  • 5D BIM allowed for schedule tracking and awareness of when to use multiple daily labour shifts, being mindful of both the schedule gains and any labour cost premiums.
  • Worked with the client to allow for early move in to priority areas while maintaining overall schedule.
  • Prepared, applied for and administered what we believe to be the largest single pay-out from the IESO Funding Program ($1.8M).


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