Ehvert has been leading engineers, constructors and systems integrators of mission-critical facilities for 30 years

Ehvert has been providing engineering, construction and operations services for complex and mission critical facilities since 1988. From our US and Canadian head offices in Dallas Texas and Toronto, Canada, we have implemented projects throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

Ehvert is a single source service provider of building and IT infrastructure to corporations and institutions in the public and private sectors. We offer holistic solutions and are able to provide design-build-operate services that cover all segments a facility from the initial design to the build-out of your facility, through to technology relocation, integration, and ongoing systems support.

Ehvert has been a leader in using technology to optimize the construction process. Ehvert has been providing engineering and construction services for complex and mission-critical facilities since 1988. From our head office in Toronto, we have implemented projects throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of engineering, construction, technology and management allows us to provide unparalleled guidance, leadership and support. Collaboration between disciplines contributes to the creative and innovative designs we offer our clients.

Ehvert has extensive experience with Canadian construction legislation, practices and procedures, along with LEED accredited professionals who can advise and assist in the creation of sustainable solutions.