Building Information Modelling

We provide the industry’s most comprehensive BIM and VDC services including:

  • Creation of complete digital twins showing physical and functional characteristics.
  • Optimization of  design, procurement, fabrication, construction, and life cycle operations of the facility.  
  • 3D BIM (LOD 300, 350, 400, 500) models define spatial dimensions,
  • DFMA Design for Fabrication, Manufacture, Assembly, Construction
  • As-Built Documentation 
  • Construction Sequencing (4D BIM)
  • Bills of quantities – 5D BIM
  • Energy modelling – 6D BIM 
  • Operations, Maintenance and Repair schedules – 7D BIM 
  • Safety Modelling for PtD (Accident Prevention through Design) – 8D BIM

Laser Scanning, Layout, Point Cloud Generation and Quality Control 

Ehvert provides full laser scanning services, performs digital layouts and creates point clouds of existing or newly constructed facilities before, during and after construction for quality control all the existing spaces to determine the exact architectural dimensions and location of existing equipment.

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