Site assessment services

The intent of the site evaluation services is to assess data center facilities to determine if they meet client’s requirements with respect to space, power, cooling, network, availability, cost, energy efficiency, and security.

Ehvert would act as an extension of the client’s team to collect and share information gathered from the data center provider and from the specific site.

From the collected and shared site information, we would prepare an existing conditions assessment report.

This section provides a summarized list of services that are included in the site assessment services.



  • Obtain existing record models/drawings and information before conducting the site assessment.
  • Review building conditions, including analysis of architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection system capacities
  • Evaluate systems for reliability, redundancy, limitations, capabilities, and their ability to meet or exceed standards and requirements
  • Review single-line drawings, facility plans, system descriptions, maintenance plans, and other technical documentation for the site
  • Provide a summary of any observed inconsistencies, or concerns, based on a preliminary document review
  • Participate in meetings with the data center provider
  • Review documentation as it relates to reliability, efficiency, and other items relating to system performance
  • Perform conceptual load calculations (Schematic Design level) and other verifications of load and capacities to confirm utilization, redundancy, and capacity for proposed data hall build-out
  • Review evaluation and findings with the client’s team, and provide supplemental information or revisions to the report as necessary based on feedback.
  • During the site assessment laser site scanning services can be performed to capture existing conditions.  See Laser Scanning and Site Layout Services section

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