Laser Scanning & Site Layout Services

Laser Scanning Services

Ehvert uses FARO scanners and LiDAR technology to 3D scan new and existing project sites. 

The scanners collect thousands of data points that Ehvert will use to create a point cloud file. This point cloud represents the true dimensions of an as-built site that will be used during the design and construction process. 

The point cloud is uploaded into Ehvert’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) software and is used as a template for complex systems designs.  

We can model all the required systems for a project in this software and can create 3D renderings of our designs. 

These renderings allow the client to view a completed virtual model of their project before construction has even begun. 

When the virtual models are integrated with pricing information, Ehvert can provide quantity surveying services including cost consulting, value determination, risk management and procurement advice. 

Our 3D scanning service can also be used as a progress evaluation measure, capturing project status updates and communicating them to those who cannot attend site visits.

Site Layout Services

Once the BIM models have been completed, we work closely with a contractor to help coordinate the alignment of our virtual models with existing site structures (fixed points). We import the model into a total station, automating the process. With this hands-on approach, we increase the coordination between the design and construction phases of a project while being more time efficient than traditional layout services. This step also provides an additional opportunity to review and validate design work.