Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

Ehvert’s mechanical engineering capabilities exceed industry standards as result of the range of mechanical systems designed and implemented through-out the years.

Our projects have provided unique opportunities for industry leading solutions across multiple industries including corporate office facilities and commercial/industrial properties to more complex solutions for computer data centres, call centres and trading floors. Ehvert provides a wide range of engineering services for a wide range of solutions.


Mechanical Engineering

For specialized facilities the typical consultant’s mechanical drawing package leaves too much of the design finalization and coordination for the installing contractors.  This not only makes it very difficult to get accurate and competitive pricing on the design package, but also increases risk to project budgets, schedules and quality of installation.

From this experience we determined that our designs should not end at the standard consulting level of development but continue to complete the remaining design work that the subcontractors are often forced to complete on a project.  The result is a design and tender package that includes a coordinated (with other disciplines) BIM model and drawings, detailed bills of materials and fabrication level drawing information.


Electrical Engineering

From our experience in mission-critical environments, we have found that under the traditional engineering design model, there are often elements of the detailed design or coordination that are left to the site to resolve.   This lack of detail in the design documentation results in delays on site and a greater level of uncertainty in the final products.  As such, Ehvert has developed internal capabilities to perform detailed design calculations and modelling that were traditionally often left to product vendors to complete, which had inherent conflicts of interest.

In addition to the typical drawings and specifications, Ehvert can provide detailed coordination and arc flash studies to facilitate the proper sizing of distribution equipment and overcurrent protection devices.  In lieu of oversizing components based on “rules of thumb” and safety factors, Ehvert is able to undertake the detailed sizing and design of components at the design stage.


Security Systems Design

Ehvert’s approach is to review the on-site standards and to comply or exceed them.  For Ehvert, the security designs are no different in that our designs do not end at the standard consulting level of development and a complete detailed design package including wiring lengths etc. is provided during the design phase.

We are experts in access control systems, video surveillance and custom solutions. We can offer:

  • Product research and familiarity with Client’s standard product lines
  • Code and Health Regulations Review
  • Access Control Drawings and Models
  • CCTV Drawings and Models
  • Hardware Schedule
  • Systems details for each door/entry point
  • Hardware Coordination
  • Bills of Materials
  • Conduit Layout