Building Automation & Controls

Tightly integrated systems to control your facility

Building Automation & Controls

We design and integrate open-platform and scalable building automation systems with a focus on the Internet of Things (IOT)and network security.

These systems are customizable and provide real-time monitoring,user interfaces, data tracking and performance metric calculations.

Open Platform

Many building automation systems are proprietary in nature and require maintenance and modifications to be performed by a specific vendor. The Niagara framework is an open-platform system which means that the back-end programming software is available to contractors, engineers, operators, and even owners. Because the software is available, there are a larger number of contractors available to work on your system, giving stakeholders multiple options for service and competitive pricing on the work.

Our systems use the Niagara Framework as a master gateway to integrate devices and aggregate data over all industry-standard open protocols, including the following:

  • Modbus
  • BACnet
  • SNMP
  • LonWorks

Alarms & Reporting

Our systems can be customized to route alarms based on their severity, discipline, or both. These alarms can be set to escalate if an operator does not respond within acceptable time constraints. These alarms can be delivered by email, pager, or text.

Custom Interfaces

Ehvert can design custom dashboards and interfaces to provide you with an intuitive depiction of the health of your building’s physical infrastructure. This can be done by either creating a fully customizable HTML5 website or using the industry-standard graphics package built in to the Niagara framework.

Trending & Analytics

Our building automation systems can be set up to use the database and trending system built in the Niagara framework. Data can be exported easily using simple CSV export, data can be exported to a large scale database (such as Microsoft SQL), or the data can be exported over a network protocol to be polled by a third-party application, such as Cacti®. Proper use of the system data allows for the use of advanced analytics and event analysis to determine the cause of failures and inefficiencies within your facilities.

Your building automation systems should suit the requirements of your facilities and should be flexible to evolve as your facilities do. Call us today to schedule a session with one of our control system experts.