Our Work

Ontario Greenhouse Facility

Client: Confidential
Date: January 2018


Project Goals

To deliver a purpose-built greenhouse facility in Southwestern Ontario for agricultural production using Ehvert’s advanced design and construction process and cutting-edge growing technology.

Using a LEAN approach to design, Ehvert is currently working with the project stakeholders to optimize the theoretical yield of the facility by simulating the ideal natural conditions for the crop while maximizing energy efficiency.


Project Results

  • The growing areas of the facility designed by Ehvert deliver the optimal level of light-power to the plants to supplement the greenhouse effect.
  • Custom ventilation systems provide temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidification control.
  • An integrated hydronic system provides water, fertigation, and filtration.
  • Ehvert designed and programmed an advanced building control system to simulate, measure and automate the power and mechanical systems.
  • Access control, video surveillance and security are key components of the facility and Ehvert has designed a state-of-the art system to safeguard the facility.